Ep.188. News: Pump that Money
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With Ross Gallagher in the host's seat for the very first time, he led co-host Simon Taylor, Nina Mohanty, Doug Bobenhouse and Valentina Kristensen to take a look at the week's top stories. We kicked off with news that research from Cedr and Trustpilot discovered a way for open banking to pump £1bn into the UK economy. This is obviously great news but is dependent on customers fully adopting the opportunities Open Banking offers and begin sharing their data. The next three stories surround digital banking and new propositions as Lloyds announce plans for a £3bn digital transformation of their services over 3 years (not so long after their last 3 year transformation plan). Hot on their heels is Virgin Money's less pricey but not insignificant £38.3 million investment in a digital bank, which is disparaged by our team as being "just an app" (so far) and "putting lipstick on a pig". Finally there's easyJet CEO launching easyMoney, but kicking off with just an ISA, as the first of several products. Again the…