Insurtech Insider - Ep. 5: Insurance as a platform
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David is joined by Sarah Kocianski and James York to discuss insurance as a platform. First up, James talks us through the Worry+Peace origin story, including his background in insurance, and why he strove to not take funding as the company found its feet. He also talks about why insurance is a slightly unique market, and why that warrants a different approach. The guys take on the topic of "insurance as a platform" (with air quotes) - a "trifle of potential platforms". What is it and why has it come about? And if platforms are to take control of the customer relationship, what does that mean for the big players? Plus, as big insurers come to terms with the wealth of data at their disposal, how might they incorporate AI to change the way that data is used? And what's the role of the highstreet in the distribution of insurance? The guys talk discuss the structure of the insurance industry, and why the platform plays the good cop while the underwriter plays the bad cop. Onto the news, where we tackle whether…