Ep217 – EY’s James Lloyd: China’s Not Just Mobile First – Often It’s Mobile Only
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February 24, 2017
In this episode We talk to James Lloyd about the incredible FinTech innovation and uptake happening not only in China, but across Asia. James is the Asia-Pacific FinTech Leader at EY, and our point of reference for most of the phenomenal stats coming out of the region. Did you know that during Chinese New Year – which is only 6 days – 46 billion transactions happened on WeChat alone? That’s 46 billion “red packets” – the money you send as gifts. 46 billion! “In London, getting access to a bank account or a credit card or a basic investment or savings product is relatively straightforward,” James says. “In China, traditionally the banks have focused on supporting corporates and state-owned enterprises. So there has been this unmet need, this market gap, that the big technology players have really moved pretty aggressively to fill.” If you enjoyed this episode, please share the love and tell a friend about FinTech Insider, and leave us a review on iTunes—this helps people find us. The post Ep217 – EY’s James…