Ep. 200. 11:FS Turns TWO! Company culture, consultancy, and cupcakes
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In our birthday episode we take you on a lookback from the entire 11:FS team over the last couple of years. Including the highlights and challenges of taking on clients, applying for projects with banks and everything we do besides make podcasts. Our founders share why the company got together, where they saw a gap in the market and how they made the leap to take it on. Fintechs of the future have to do things in a slightly different way today to stand out from the major consultancies. Growth is the keyword for most banks these days across the world. Can fintechs deliver that level of growth needed or are banks going to be forced to keep repeating the cycles pre-2008? We also take you under the hood of 11:FS Pulse 2, set to launch at the end of the month, and why even with a small team it’s possible for fintechs to deliver next-gen services. Simon shares a few of his favourite rumours about what we do for big banks, but Jason brings it back to what we’ve actually done and what banks actually need in the new…