Ep. 203. Fintech Insider After Dark V - Part 1 London - Partying & PayPal
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Our After Dark shows are always exciting and this one’s no different. In front of an amazing audience the panel kicks things off with Paypal’s new movements. M-Pesa wallet goes online thanks to a collaboration between Paypal and Safaricom. Meanwhile over in the USA, Paypal is making moves towards more traditional banking in a bid to connect those without bank accounts to the digital economy. Young coders might be avoiding London over Brexit fears. But is Brexit a real problem for the fintech space and are coders leaving or is the talent rush just slowing down? Andy Murray lobs over an interesting bit of fintech news by betting that British Fintech is going to a smash hit. But how big is he betting? Accenture released their wealth management report on the next era, focusing on Millennials. Despite all the good stats on what Millenials want, can a one-size-fits-all digital experience ever work? Amazon targets teens, the online bookshop-turned-retail-monolith wants to get to teenagers before the banks are able…