Ep. 198. Insights: HMT’s International Fintech Conference
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We’re at the IFTC held at London’s Tobacco Dock where Simon is meeting some of the fintech envoys outlined in the Chancellor’s keynote address and getting some insights into how the new fintech strategy will play out. David Duffy explains the excitement behind the fintech bridges and the challenges ahead for fintechs and banks working together. Eileen Burbidge shares key insight on the state of the fintech landscape today, how the UK leads the industry, how fintechs need to adapt in the face of GDPR and the power of transparency. Al Lukies gives us some more information on the fintech bridges and how the Australian bridge will be stronger than the Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and China bridges. Collaboration is at the heart of the bridge but it’s at the first step of a long journey. Nikhil Rahti comments from his unique position on fintechs gradual change from the B2C market to financial markets. How new tech is improving sectors the world over and just why open access distributed ledger technology…