30: Wearables still don’t fit our lives
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Wearables were supposed to be the next big thing. However, after a year of disappointments, including lagging sales of the Apple Watch Series 2 and an absolute thrashing of Fitbit’s stock price, it seems that the category won’t live up the hype, at least not for the time being. The situation leaves us asking whether there anything that could push wearable products to the next level and make them essential to our lives? On the other hand, we have single-purpose hardware products from the likes of GoPro, another company that has been facing turbulent times, including failed product launches and a significant downsizing of its workforce. Could this be another nail in the coffin of hardware startups? Links Fitbit is buying troubled smartwatch maker Pebble for around $40 million - TechCrunch Moto pushes off smartwatches indefinitely - The Verge GoPro Cutting 15% of Workforce, Closes Entertainment Unit - Bloomberg