Southern guy & Lady of the house
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I have been married for 10 years. Four years ago, while waiting for our divorce to be finalized, I decided I’d start dating online and suggested she do the same. We were still friends, so I didn’t think it was crossing any boundaries. All of the six women I connected with either stood me up or made excuses why they couldn’t or wouldn’t meet me in person. Out of frustration I began dating my wife again and we canceled the divorce proceedings. About a year after we got back together, my wife confessed that the women I had reached out to online were all fake people that she had constructed with the intent of exhausting my search efforts. It worked. We are now filing for divorce again, and I’m worried she may do the same thing. What can I do? I am engaged to a wonderful man, and we will be married soon. We have been together two years and get along well. His parents live 35 minutes away and his mom doesn’t drive. The other day he commented that she wanted us to invite her over, as she hadn’t been over in a year.…