About me & Swimsuit Etiqutte
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About me: I said some things about myself. “Swimsuit Etiqutte” My girlfriend has no issue with nudity. She worked herself through her master’s degree in finance as an exotic dancer. She has a phenomenal figure, eats healthy and works out often. Last year we bought a home in a small residential community, complete with a pool. We installed a fence and spent a lot of money on landscaping to give us privacy from our neighbors. We live in Florida and spend a lot of time in our pool, especially on weekends. My girlfriend doesn’t like to wear a swimsuit, and I have no issues with it. At a neighborhood event recently, one of our neighbors politely asked her if she wouldn’t mind covering up when in the pool. She said her kids, and I’m sure her hubby, can see into our yard from their second story. My girlfriend apologized for their inconvenience, but told them she wouldn’t be changing her habits in her home to stop another family from gawking. I see both sides of this. I agree she shouldn’t feel compelled to wear a…