Heads Up #27 - The ways your brain manages overload
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Welcome to episode #27 of Heads Up!, a weekly podcast summarizing research, writing and retweets that I think communicators will find interesting. Here are this week’s stories: The Ways Your Brain Manages Overload, and How to Improve Them (Srini Pillay) How to let go of your creative ego (Lisa Maltby) How companies can deal with unpredictability (Virpi Oinonen) How work changed to make us all passionate quitters (Ilana Gershon) To Be a Better Communicator, Think Like an Engineer (Alison Davis) Employee Survey fatigue? On a scale of 1 to even, I can’t (Chuck Gose) All original links are also available at learnicology.com/headsup. But I don’t want this to just be what comes across my screen. If you see things you think I should talk about here, share them with me. Could be a new infographic. Or a great case study. Perhaps a webinar. Send a Tweet to @learnicology or an email with the link to [email protected]arnicology.com. Subscribe to ICology on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.