Heads Up #25 - Does diversity increase creativity?
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Welcome to episode #25 of Heads Up!, a weekly podcast summarizing research, writing and retweets that I think communicators will find interesting. Here are this week’s stories: Our Biases Undermine Our Colleagues’ Attempts to Be Authentic (Tina Opie and Edward Freeman) Does Diversity Actually Increase Creativity? (Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic) Want Your Employees to Trust You? Show You Trust Them (Holly Browser, Scott Lester & Audrey Korsgaard) How to Become A Master Storyteller (Clifford Jones) 5 Acts of Appreciation That Drive Employee Engagement, According to Science (Marissa Levin) Why MailChimp Doesn’t Let New Hires Work For Their First Week On The Job (Marti Wolf) How Enterprise Social Chat Feeds Into Productivity (Andrew Pope) All original links are also available at learnicology.com/headsup. But I don’t want this to just be what comes across my screen. If you see things you think I should talk about here, share them with me. Could be a new infographic. Or a great case study. Perhaps a webinar. Send a…