Heads Up! #3 - Trust, trust and more trust, plus the top 10 intranets
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This is episode #3 of Heads Up!, a weekly podcast summarizing research, writing and retweets that I think communicators should pay attention to. And if you’re already subscribed to ICology, you don’t need to change a thing. Here are the stories discussed this week: 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer (Edelman) The Neuroscience of Trust (Harvard Business Review) How to share news with employees, with no leaks (Recode) Companies don’t have effective brand ambassadors (Gallup) 10 best intranets (Nielsen Norman Group) Generating true value in IC (Gatehouse) Is your digital transformation merely a digital overlay? (Digital Doughnut) And one event: Digital Workplace Summit, March 28-29, Las Vegas But I don’t want this to just be what comes across my screen. If you see things you think I should talk about here, share them with me. Could be a new infographic. Or a great case study. Perhaps a webinar. Send a Tweet to @learnicology or an email with the link to [email protected] Subscribe to ICology on Apple Podcasts…