108: The Paradox
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On this week’s show: What happens when Coca-Cola funds obesity research? Is healthy obesity really a myth? What is second-hand stress? Does eating meat off the bone make kids misbehave? In the Moment of Paleo we discuss valuing life. And in the After the Bell segment, Dr. Robert Sapolsky discusses what makes us human. Links for this episode:Just Eat It.What Role Should Coca-Cola Play In Obesity Research? - ForbesObesity: Should Coca-Cola Play Role in Research?Research conflicts not limited to pharma - Medical Marketing and Media? Study Links Sugary Drinks to Thousands of Deaths - YouTubeAmerican College of Cardiology Foundation | ArticleHealthy obesity a myth, say researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital — Mount Sinai HospitalThere’s No Such Thing As Healthy Obesity, Says Study | TIME.comObese and healthy? Maybe not, study says | Fox NewsIs Healthy Obesity a Myth? – WebMD? The Obesity Paradox - Health Effects of Excess Weight - YouTubeIt's really not possible to be obese and healthy, says new study | MNN - Mother…