139: The New Ancestral Diet
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On this episode, we are joined by Dr. Richard Aiken, M.D., Ph.D. He is a medical doctor, a practicing psychiatrist, and he holds a doctorate in chemical engineering. His latest book is The New Ancestral Diet. We discuss plant-based, varied, whole-food diets; lifestyle, the evolution of taste and flavor, salicylic acid in the diet, anti-inflammatories, anti-nutrients, fiber, calorie density vs nutrient density, protein in the diet, and much more including Dr. Aiken’s restored ca. 1830’s cabin. Also enjoy a Moment of Paleo segment along with an After the Bell segment featuring Carl Sagan. Links for this episode:This episode's page on Humans Are Not BrokenDocumentary - "Agriculture" | HBONowGet Altruism or the Audiobook of Your Choice Free (New Members)Get "Altruism" for 1 Audible Credit (Existing Members)Dr. Aiken's Book - The New Ancestral DietThe New Ancestral DietMood for Life | nutrition, exercise, meditation optimizedMood for Life | nutrition, exercise, meditation optimizedFacebook Page - Mood for…