113: Fat’s Back
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On this week’s show, I have an excellent documentary recommendation; we discuss the TIME Magazine article about dietary fat (and point out the elephant in the room that they virtually ignore); we talk about Dr. Oz’s appearance before Congress and their idea of creating a Master Brand List to help with weight loss; Michelle Obama says her Ivy League education did not prepare her to make food choices for her children, and I suggest why that is irrelevant; then, we discuss a new study about the benefits of a 72-hour fast; also, we cover a story about how exercise might improve the condition of our gut microbiomes. In the Moment of Paleo we discuss the Possible and the Impossible. And, After the Bell, we’ll hear a presentation about why we should preserve the indigenous populations around the world. Links for this episode:? WE SHALL REMAIN | Preview | PBS - YouTubeWe Shall Remain - YouTubeEnding the War on Fat | TIMEFat: Ending the War That Nobody Started | David Katz, M.D.Annals of Internal Medicine |…