15: They Want Me to Eat What?!
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This week’s Latest in Paleo topics include: weight loss, wood-filler in processed foods, over diagnosis, sleep, foodie elitism, asthma, color of food, ancel keys’ cherry picking, grains make us fat, choosing our battles, a “Blog of the Week,” “Moment of Paleo” and Ray Kurzweil talks about The Singularity “After the Bell,” too. Links for this episode:YouTube - The Midlife Crunch - City SlickersYouTube - End of first month, 27 pounds lighter!Eat Wood!YouTube - Wood Pulp Added To Some Popular FoodsHealthcare costs: Doctors create too many patients - Los Angeles TimesVideo - Breaking News Videos from CNN.comThe wrong amount of sleep can age your brain by up to SEVEN YEARS | Mail OnlineThe Brain and SleepWhy being a foodie isn’t ‘elitist’ - The Washington PostWhy Are Asthma Rates Soaring?: Scientific AmericanDid your asthma improve after switching to Paleo? - Paleo Hacks.comThe Color of Food: Artificial vs. Natural | Food RenegadeThe Daily Lipid: Let Us Honor Ancel Keys, Our Patron, As We Cherry Pick Studies to…