88: Is Fat Good?
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On today’s show, we tackle the big question about fat by taking a look at recent worldwide reporting and media coverage of dietary fat. First, Nick Offerman offers his prose on the beauty of bacon. Then, we bounce from The Dr. Oz show and CBS News in America to the BBC in the UK to ABC’s Catalyst in Australia — they’re all chiming in about fat. Sweden’s government is making some changes to their dietary recommendations. And, we’ll wrap up the show with 13 Nutritional Lies that have made people sick and overweight. After the Bell it’s Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Arthur Haines. Links for this episode:A Slam Poem to Bacon (with Nick Offerman) - YouTubeSaturated fat to be cut in chocolate products, makers pledge | Life and style | The GuardianDo Carbs Cause Alzheimer's? | The Dr. Oz ShowMemory may be protected by keeping blood sugar levels low - CBS NewsButter and cheese better than trans-fat margarines, says heart specialist | Life and style | The GuardianBBC News - Saturated fat heart disease 'myth'Sweden Becomes…