49: Moving Forward
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This week, host Angelo Coppola discusses: the Chicken McNugget diet, McDonald’s changing it’s burger recipe and why, what you should know about supermarket meat, antitrust and “big beef,” house husbands, stone-age social networking, cold weather weigh loss, specialization, why you might benefit from exercising less, the original affluence (Moment of Paleo), and Zeitgeist Movie (After the Bell). Links for this episode:Latest in Paleo Podcast Home ==>The (almost) World Famous Latest in Paleo Facebook Page ==>Stacey Irvine, 17, collapses after eating only McDonald's chicken nuggets since age 2 | Mail OnlineTeen Hospitalized After Eating Only Chicken NuggetsMcDonald's Is Changing Its Burger Recipe To Take The 'Pink Slime' Out Of Its MeatSupermarket Meat Comes From Sick Animals | Mother JonesDispute Over Drug in Feed Limiting US Meat Exports | Food and Environment Reporting NetworkAntitrust Official Gets Stampeded By Big Beef : The Salt : NPRMan about the house | Life and style | The GuardianStone Age Social…