20: Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen
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In this week’s show Angelo Coppola covers: barefoot kids, contaminated produce, poop burgers(!), saturated fat, fighting diabetes with soda, prominent Paleo blogger bids farewell to diet, freaky eaters, late night eating, and What is Paleo? in the Moment of Paleo segment; Dr. Loren Cordain After the Bell. Links for this episode:VIVOBAREFOOT kids - Barefoot is Best on VimeoFrozen Future : Experience Life MagazineDirty Dozen ProducePOOP BURGER: Japanese Researchers Create Artificial Meat From Human Feces | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the WorldYouTube - Solution to the Global Food Crisis - Let them eat TURD BURGERS!?David Katz, M.D.: Is All Saturated Fat The Same?Burger King Lets You Win Free Whoppers by Watching Them on TV [VIDEO]China Lead PoisoningPrimal Wisdom: Farewell To "Paleo"Primal Wisdom: Micronutrient Comparison: High fat vs. High carb; Plus: Ancient Greek Diet and DiseasesFat Head » Freaky EatersIs Late Night Eating Better for Fat Loss and Health? | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss,…