119: Rewild Your Gut
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September 4, 2014
On this week’s show we dive into the micro and consider the implications for the macro. We look at the current state of gut research via the ABC’s Catalyst program ‘Gut Reaction’ in which the Hadza play a big role. Plus, two additional gut flora studies: one dealing with a potential cure for food allergies and the other dealing with food cravings. There’s a Moment of Paleo with some thoughts on biomes and rewilding. After the Bell it’s Dr. Sylvia Earle. Links for this episode:Humans Are Not Broken - Angelo's BlogLatest In Paleo Facebook Page — News Hunters & Gatherers Post Your Links Here!The Hadza: Last of the FirstCatalyst - Special Edition - Gut ReactionCatalyst: Gut Reaction Pt 2 - ABC TV ScienceCommensal bacteria protect against food allergen sensitizationGut Bacteria Could Provide Peanut Allergy ProtectionProbiotics may help prevent peanut allergies, animal study shows - CBS NewsA gut microbe that stops food allergies | Science/AAAS | NewsPM - Mice reveal bacteria solution to food allergy problem…