67: Processed Food Fight!
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On today’s show, processed food is the theme. Eye-opening stories cover the intriguing cereal industry, why the dairy industry would like to change the definition of milk, and you’ll hear a major processed food industry organization try to convince you that all food is processed. The Reader Roundup segment includes a story about a man who has decided to stop eating real food, in favor of powders. And in the After the Bell segment, you’ll hear an excellent TED talk along with a discussion about Evolutionary Psychology. Links for this episode:Humans Are Not BrokenThe Sleazy Story of Cereal's SuccessNew and Improved MilkEverything is ProcessedReader Roundup, March 2013Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA | Video on TED.com1/8 David Buss and Richard Dawkins on Evolutionary Psychology - YouTubeLatestInPaleo on Facebook ==> Share Your Health News!!