75: Perfect Health Diet with Paul Jaminet
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Today’s guest is Dr. Paul Jaminet, co-author of Perfect Health Diet. We talk about traditional versus modern diets, weekly versus daily nutrition, the importance of circadian rhythms, the new Perfect Health Retreat in Austin, TX, the real-world results of people applying the Perfect Health Diet approach, and much more. Additional segments include Dr. Loren Cordain in a roundtable discussion with T. Colin Campbell and Jo Robinson discussing her new book ‘Eating on the Wild Side’ in an NPR interview. Links for this episode:Watch Larry King Now | Nutrition & the Politics of Food online | Free | HuluPerfect Health Diet - A diet for healing chronic disease, restoring youthful vitality, and achieving long life | Perfect Health DietPerfect Health Retreat @ Albert Oaks Austin: Albert Oaks Health Retreat'Eating On The Wild Side:' A Field Guide To Nutritious Food : The Salt : NPRHumans Are Not Broken - Angelo's BlogThe Latest in Paleo Community on Facebook - Post a link or just say hi! Use Coupon Code 'PALEO'