22: Don’t Eat Me
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This week’s topics include: Paleo weight loss, juicing, Americans are eating more, diet soda, Vibrams in the Army, BPA and mice, soy isolate, vitamin D, pets, agriculture, fermentation, fasted or fed exercising, Richard Feinman, foods that don’t want to be eaten, and what’s wrong with medicine. Links for this episode:Listener James' Weight Loss VideoFat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (So Watch Some Streaming Health Videos) - Latest in Paleo Podcast BlogAmericans Eat 570 Calories More Than in 1977Are diet sodas making you fat? - The WeekIs diet soda addictive?Diet sodas don't help with dieting - Health - Diet and nutrition - msnbc.comArmy bans use of ‘toe shoes,’ citing image concerns - Checkpoint Washington - The Washington PostBPA MiceHexane may be lurking in the soy protein found in popular food barsGetting enough 'sunshine vitamin' may not just be about catching rays, new blood test revealsPet Owners Healthier | Consumer Health Video Library - Heath VideoGrass Based Health: Agriculture - Curse or…