18: My Paleo Plate
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Angelo Coppola covers: food pyramid replaced with MyPlate, high fat diets, cholesterol meds, Biggest Loser Paleo contestants, Mark Zuckerberg, modern tomatoes, a listener’s weight loss update, Frank Mir goes Paleo, breakfast myth, soy, spotting GMO foods, and more. Links for this episode:YouTube - Archie Bunker on VegetarianismLow Carb Diets May Not Hurt Arteries After All - ABC NewsEliminating the Food PyramidPhys Ed: Eating Fat, Staying Lean - NYTimes.comPage Not Found - The Washington PostBoosting ‘good’ cholesterol fails to prevent heart attacks in study - The Washington PostYouTube - Heart Health: New Cholesterol Findings [ABC: 5-27-2011]Biggest Loser Contestants Go Paleo to Get to the Skinny Finish Line | SKINNY FOR GOODBiggest Losers do an 'About Face' in Preparation for the Finale -… — IRVINE, Calif., May 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —Killer instinct - BostonHerald.comZuckerberg Eats What He KillsKurt Michael Friese: Why the Modern Tomato is Flawed: Inside TomatolandYouTube - Month 2, 42 pounds lighter! and…