175: Walk Like an Hadza
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On this week’s episode we start with a message from Stephen Hawking. Then, it’s News & Views featuring new research about exercise’s affects on the brain; details about physical activity levels within the Hadza hunter-gatherer tribe; and how being in nature benefits human beings. The Moment of Paleo segment offers food for thought about overthinking, and After the Bell features a neuroscientist’s insights on exercise and creativity. Enjoy the show! Links for this episode:This Episode & Shownotes at latestinpaleo.comHow You Can Support the ShowChristmas Gift Ideas: Gadgets for the KitchenRecommended Food & Other ProductsRecommended Books & AudiobooksGEN-PEP – Pep Talk by Stephen Hawking - YouTubeRSNA press release: Aerobic Exercise Preserves Brain Volume and Improves Cognitive FunctionAerobic exercise improves cognition in old age - Medical News TodayExercise May Help Protect Against Cognitive Decline | The Huffington PostHow Exercise Rewires Your Brain - YouTubePhysical activity patterns and biomarkers of…