104: SnackWells FatWells
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On this week’s show: Exactly what you’d do if you could do anything; the saturated fat question; too much running and longevity; the toxins in our everyday lives that harm us. Plus, a Moment of Paleo featuring a take on a few of Bertrand Russell’s ideas and Alan Watts After the Bell. Links for this episode:Fat or fiction?Annals of Internal Medicine | Association of Dietary, Circulating, and Supplement Fatty Acids With Coronary Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisEat More Butter and Fat? - NYTimes.comLow saturated fat diets don't curb heart disease risk or help you live longer — ScienceDailyRethinking Fat: The Case For Adding Some Into Your Diet : The Salt : NPRWhy We Got Fatter During The Fat-Free Food Boom : The Salt : NPRSaturated fat DOESN'T cause heart disease after all | Mail OnlineTeen dies after running Shamrock Half Marathon | WTKR.comToo much running tied to shorter lifespan, studies find - CBS NewsToo Much Running Tied to Shorter Lifespan, Studies Find – WebMDSurvey Seeks Answers About…