98: The Supplement
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On today’s show, we discuss the latest research on supplements; the McDonald’s Diet; losing weight with avocados; evidence based medicine; Michael Pollan’s thoughts on the Paleo Diet; happiness; and what’s wrong with dieting. Also, a few trailers for some potential entertainment choices. Links for this episode:Humans Are Not Broken - Angelo's Blog / Home of Latest in PaleoLatestInPaleo Facebook Fan Page — Post Your News Links Here!snopes.com: The Paradox of Our TimeMeet Mick Dodge | National Geographic Channel? Food: A Project Envision Documentary - YouTube? Buck Marshall on Image Consultants - YouTubeBenefits of multivitamins in question :: WRAL.comSome supplements might fuel tumors, study finds - NBC News.comChildren's Vitamin Alert: Quantities Far Higher Than Recommended, Study Says - ForbesVitamin D Has Little Effect On Healthy People: Study (VIDEO)Vitamin D supplements won't protect against disease in healthy adults, review says - CBS Newsvitamin DTeacher Loses Weight After Eating Only McDonald's for 3…