69: Escaping Conventional Wisdom
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In this episode, we start off with some comedy from John Pinette, and then we are motivated by some of our healthy elders. First, Fit Old Dudes Rock — complete with life tips from Jack LaLanne. Then, 105-year old Pearl, tells us her secret to longevity. We discuss Consumer Reports recent examination of store-bought turkey. Finally, we explore the idea of conventional wisdom in non-health related areas of our lives. After the Bell, it’s 2013’s TED Prize Winner. Links for this episode:John Pinette Gluton Free - YouTubeFit, Old Dudes Rock & Kickstarting the Virtuous Cycle Humans Are Not BrokenAdvice from 105-year Old: Eat Bacon Humans Are Not Broken90 Percent Chance of Dung in Your Turkey Humans Are Not BrokenWhy Some People Must Escape Humans Are Not BrokenSugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud - YouTube