47: Your Brain on Porn
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This week, host Angelo Coppola covers the following topics: Junk food company files for bankruptcy Controversial ads to fight childhood obesity Paula Deen has diabetes New Hormone treatment mimics effects of exercise Red wine researcher lied Training like a cavemen Tide is turning on Cholesterol…or is it? Moment of Paleo: The Hijacking of Language After the Bell: Your Brain on Porn Links for this episode:INGREDIENTS film trailer - YouTubeFree the Animal: Lose Weight & Fat with the Paleo DietTwinkies maker Hostess seeks bankruptcy protection - WSJ.comOutcry Against Georgia Ads Fighting Childhood ObesityHulu - NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: Hostess Files for Bankruptcy, AgainAnthony Bourdain Slams Paula Deen Again - ABC NewsNew Hormone Mimics Benefits of Exercise - Yahoo! NewsNature News Blog: In vino non veritas? Red wine researcher implicated in misconduct caseCaveman exercising at Core Fitness Chicago - chicagotribune.comConditioning Research: The tide is turning - myths debunked…cholesterol is…