105: Is it OK to be Fat?
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On this week’s show: RIP John Pinette and a word from Carl Sagan. How do marketers lure kids in the cereal aisle? Does junk food or being obese make you lazy? The obesity paradox…is it OK to be fat? Why is bacon getting so expensive? Plus a Moment of Paleo segment and Golda Poretsky After the Bell. Links for this episode:TX Bar Organics $500 Grass-fed Meat GiveawayJohn Pinette "on a diet" - YouTubeCarl Sagan's last interview with Charlie Rose (Full Interview) - YouTubeEyes in the Aisles: Why is Cap’n Crunch Looking Down at My Child? | Food and Brand LabStudy: Cereal Companies Use Eye Contact to Entice Kids | Video - ABC NewsStudy: Creepy Cereal Box Characters Are Trying To Make Eye Contact With Children – ConsumeristThe Sticky Methods Of Marketing Cereal To Kids - ForbesThe Cap'n Crunch Show - Official Teaser - YouTubeDoes a junk food diet make you lazy? UCLA psychology study offers answer / UCLA NewsroomJunk food makes you lazy: Study looks at overweight, unmotivated rats - latimes.comIs your diet making…