145: Denise Minger’s Low-fat History Lesson
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Special guest Denise Minger joins me to discuss her latest, epic blog post titled, IN DEFENSE OF LOW FAT: A CALL FOR SOME EVOLUTION OF THOUGHT. Topics include: the history of the low-fat diet, the Kempner Rice Diet, Lester Morrison, Roy Swank, Nathan Pritikin, Ancel Keys, whole foods diet vs. low-fat, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s cardiovascular disease studies, the reversal of heart disease, the dietary guidelines, holism vs. reductionism, “carbosis,” as well as Denise’s new consulting offering. There are Moment of Paleo and After the Bell segments, too. Links for this episode:This episode's home page with full, sectioned show notes and music credits.Listen to "Death by Food Pyramid" on Audible. Free 30-day trial.Latest in Paleo on Facebook - News hunters and gatherers post your links here.Angelo Coppola (@angelocoppola) | TwitterAngelo Coppola (@angelocoppola) • Instagram photos and videosThe Beer Bottle Shirt Project by PuraKai Clothing — KickstarterIn Defense of Low Fat: A Call for Some Evolution of Thought…