46: Real Life
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This week, host Angelo Coppola talks about - soda, yoga injuries, in-vitro meat (lab meat), The Fat Trap (NY Times Magazine), high fat foods causing brain scarring, a Paleo Land segment featuring Mark Sisson, Paul Jaminet, Dr. Emily Deans and Chris Kresser, and After the Bell, it’s The Future of Food. Links for this episode:Pepsi's lawyers say Mountain Dew can dissolve a mousePepsiCo Insists Mountain Dew Will Turn Mice to Jelly - YouTubeYoga Causes Surprising Number of Injuries | Video - ABC NewsIn Vitro Meat: Will 'Frankenfood' Save The Planet Or Just Gross Out Consumers? (VIDEO)Study: High-fat foods cause brain scarring – - CNN.com BlogsDoes a High Fat Diet Cause Brain Damage? | Mark's Daily ApplePerfect Health Diet » My Theory of Obesity, I: “The Fat Trap”Evolutionary Psychiatry: The Glorious CauseWhy you should eat more (not less) cholesterolVandana Shiva: The Future of Food-Part 1Paleo PodcastJoin the Latest in Paleo Conversation ==>