12: Die Biting the Throat!
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Join host Angelo Coppola and special guest, novelist J. Stanton, as they discuss The Gnoll Credo, The Real Health Debate (paleo vs vegan), a Taco Bell “upgrade,” mandatory school lunches, Gary Taubes’ NY Times article (Is Sugar Toxic?), Paleo Diet sustainability, plus a new Blog of the Week and Moment of Paleo to close the show. Links for this episode:Taco Bell Testing Shells Made Out From Nacho Cheese Doritos - The ConsumeristBanning Brown Bagging: Chicago School Cracks Down on Homemade Lunches - TIME NewsFeedIs Sugar Toxic? - NYTimes.comWe Must Reclaim Human Health, Sustainability, Environmental Justice, And Morality From The Birdseed Brigade - GNOLLS.ORG“Live Now, Live Later”: Paleo Diet, Paleo Life - GNOLLS.ORG“Eat Like A Predator, Not Like Prey”: Paleo In Six Easy Steps, A Motivational Guide - GNOLLS.ORGIndex (Start Here) - GNOLLS.ORGChicago Public School Bans Homemade LunchesBuy the Gnoll Credo Novel — And Help Save the Serengeti