57: The Truth is Funny
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In this week’s show, we take a look at some of the drugs being fed to conventionally raised food animals. Then, it’s a New York Times op-ed versus Joel Salatin…is sustainable meat a myth? A few astonishing stories about obesity, including brides opting for tube-feedings. We’ve got a Moment of Paleo about precision in the Paleo Approach, and our After the Bell segment rocks, with a TEDx talk by Stephan Guyenet and an axorexic’s point of view on the tube feeding fiasco. Links for this episode:Man Eating Sugar. New York City Health Department. - YouTubeMan Drinking Fat. NYC Health Anti-Soda Ad. Are You Pouring on the Pounds? - YouTubeSNL Almost Pizza Sketch Lampoons DiGiorno, Leaves Pizza Lovers in Stitches - New York Restaurants and Dining - Fork in the RoadChickens Fed Caffeine, Banned Antibiotics, and Prozac Often Without The Farmer’s Knowledge : TreeHuggerThe Colbert Report: 04/17/12 Recap - YouTubeArsenic in Our Chicken? - NYTimes.comThe Myth of Sustainable Meat - NYTimes.comJoel Salatin's Open Letter…