70: Where the Answers Are
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Episode 70 is live! On this week’s show we examine the crazy state of food policy and the potential technotopia future of food. The UN has issued a study telling us we should eat more of these. Then, we’ll take a look at Paleo reenactment in the context of biomimicry, along with some fascinating examples. After the Bell, it’s Joel Salatin at Google. He manages to touch on almost every theme that we talk about on the show. Links for this episode:Lobbyists Gets Candy On Food Pyramid - The Onion - YouTubeFacing Jail Over MilkThe Unfortunate Future of FoodUN Says These Should Be Part of Your DietWhy Some People Must EscapeAuthors@Google: Joel Salatin discusses 'Folks, This Ain't Normal' - YouTube Use Coupon Code 'PALEO' Use Coupon Code 'HANB' to save 10%