73: Pure Ocean
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Noel Huelsenbeck has been a Latest in Paleo listener since the earliest days of the show. He’s also a hunter, fisherman, food gardener, and now an entrepreneur who is leaving the technology industry in order to make a contribution as a provider of sustainable clothing. He is, along with his daughter, a co-founder of PuraKai. On today’s show, find out why our clothing choices can be as important as our food choices — and hopefully, be inspired along the way. Links for this episode:Organic Cotton Clothing from PuraKaiOcean Friendly "Seed to Organic Shirt" Project - Non GMO by PuraKai Clothing — KickstarterPurakai BlogScience says the Paleo diet is bunk, right? Think again.Monsanto Indian Farmer Suicide - YouTubeTEDxMasala - Dr Vandana Shiva - Solutions to the food and ecological crisis facing us today. - YouTube