140: Killer Kale Theory
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On this week’s show: Coca-Cola strikes back; junk food in the checkout lane; food manufacturers insist on keeping trans fats; the killer kale scare; spicy foods linked with increased longevity; and more bad news for Vitamin D supplementation. Plus: a documentary recommendation, an audiobook recommendation, growing and raising food at the Coppola home; a Moment of Paleo (Consistent Time in Nature) and an After the Bell (Minimalism) segment, too. Links for this episode:Episode 140 Home — Leave your comments here.Latest in Paleo on Facebook - News hunters and gatherers post your links here.Contact Angelo Coppola – Humans Are Not BrokenBook Recommendation: A Short History of Nearly Everything (US)Try Audible Free for 30 DaysFood Forward Episodes - PBS FoodIs Coca-Cola’s antiobesity scheme the real thing? | The BMJCoca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets - The New York TimesCoca-Cola says its drinks don't cause obesity. Science says otherwise | Marion Nestle | Comment is free |…