121: Stress & the City
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On today’s show we discuss the topic of stress and how living in urban cities appears to affect our brains. A recent study shows that people who were raised in cities versus rural areas process stress differently. Another study examines the mental benefits of walking in nature. We talk about how our self-talk and tendency to over-generalize can cause us mental distress. And, a recent report by the World Wildlife Fund indicates that animal populations around the globe are also under stress…and dying at a fast rate. The Moment of Paleo segment is called “Becoming You.” And, the After the Bell segment features a TEDx Talk, “Nature as Source Code.” Links for this episode:English - MicroBirthCity living and urban upbringing affect neural social stress processing in humans : Nature : Nature Publishing GroupStress and the city: Urban decay : Nature News & CommentLiving Sick and Dying Young in Rich America - The AtlanticRichard Manning on the Cage of Civilization - YouTubeuntitled - 2010-peen.pdfExamining Group…