171: Discipline vs. Will Power
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On this week’s News & Views segment we discuss how long work hours can affect health, the importance of sleep and how it affects food choices, and how various levels of impulsivity are related to fast food consumption. This leads to examining the difference between will power and discipline in the Moment of Paleo segment. And the After the Bell segment features a talk that delves into what our desire for instant gratification may predict about us. Notably, our discussions may also be useful for some in dealing with post-election stress. Links for this episode:How to Support Latest in PaleoBooks & Audiobook RecommendationsFood & Product RecommendationsWorking hours and sleep duration in midlife as determinants of health-related quality of life among older businessmenMen’s long working hours, short sleep may harm health in old age | ReutersPoor work-life balance leads to poor health later in life - Medical News TodayWorking long hours could be bad for your heart - CBS NewsFlexible working conditions and their…