144: The Unfolding Mystery
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On this week’s show: The Inuit diet & Omega 3s; why high-fat diets may lead to overeating; study says it was easier to be skinny in the 80’s; and 4 rituals that will make you happier. Also, recommendations for an epic article to read, products to buy, a documentary to watch, and a book to read or listen to. There are Shinrin-Yoku, Moment of Paleo and After the Bell segments, too. Enjoy! Links for this episode:Latest in Paleo on Facebook - Share Interesting News & Say Hi!This episode's homepage with sectioned show notesProducts Recommended by AngeloListen to "Ishmael" on Audible - 30 Days Free, Includes BookIn Defense of Low Fat: A Call for Some Evolution of Thought (Part 1) | Raw Food SOSAngelo's Interview on The PipelineThe World's Best Diet HD - YouTubeGreenlandic Inuit show genetic signatures of diet and climate adaptationThe Secret To The Inuit High-Fat Diet May Be Good Genes : The Salt : NPRHow People Living at Earth's Extremes Reveal the Genome's Best Tricks - The Atlantic'Paleo' diet works if you have…