21: The Magic Bullet
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This weeks topics include: Farmaggedon, PaleoParents blog, Diabetes and western food, does fat make you fat, potatoes and weight loss, low carb and cancer, sleep and carbs, fortifying foods, body composition, best diet and exercise for fat loss, a Blog of the Week, Moment of Paleo, and Nora Gedgaudas After the Bell. Links for this episode:YouTube - Farmageddon TrailerYouTube - Literal Drug CommercialThis Week in Paleo Podcast - Latest in Paleo Podcast - Paleo Diet - Paleo Fitness - Paleo NewsPaleo ParentsDiabetes epidemic affecting 350m – and western fast food is to blame | Society | The ObserverIs 'Caveman Diet' Safe? - Fox News Video - FoxNews.comFaux Fats Making You Fatter? - Fox News Video - FoxNews.comNPR Media PlayerLow-carb, high-protein eating may curb cancer risk | Psychology TodayVideo - Breaking News Videos from CNN.comIn Denmark, Fortified Food Is Viewed With Suspicion - NYTimes.comHealth Correlator: Maybe you should stop trying to be someone you are notBig Fat LiesHigher-protein, lower-carb diet…