138: Bigger, Cheaper, Faster
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Today’s show features a report on average American body weight in the 1960’s vs. today; The Dorito Effect; big food and artificial flavors & colorings; America’s latest trans fat ban; and a Shinrin Yoku update. Plus, we have audiobook and documentary recommendations, a Moment of Paleo (What’s Missing?), and an After the Bell Segment (The Truth that Lasts). Links for this episode:Latest in Paleo 138 on HumansAreNotBroken.com — More links, credits, comments, etc.Latest In Paleo Facebook Page — News Hunters & Gatherers Post Your Links Here!Try Audible.com - Free Trial - Free First Book (Supports the Show, too!)Global Sea Level Rise Map - Global Warming & Climate Change ImpactTsunami MapperThe Earthquake That Will Devastate Seattle - The New YorkerThat Sugar Film - Official Trailer - YouTubeThe average American woman now weighs as much as the average 1960s man - The Washington PostAverage American Woman Today Weighs Same As The Average Man In The 60s, So Imagine How Heavy Today's Men AreModern American Women and…