17: The Diet of No-Diet
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This week, host Angelo Coppola is joined by Richard Nikoley of the Free the Animal blog. Together they cover some real-food news: corporate “good” food; Jamie Oliver on Letterman; Fake Eggs, Exploding Watermelons; Calcium Supplements; Big Macs; Optimal Food; Gurus; Authority & Dogma; plus Bruce Lee after the bell! Links for this episode:Obesity and the Future of Snacking: A Podcast with John Seabrook : The New YorkerYouTube - David Letterman - Jamie Oliver's Beaver BitHow to Make a Fake Egg - Technology from ChinaYouTube - Investigation of fake eggs in China. by FujiTVYouTube - Counterfeit EggsFields of watermelon burst in China farm fiasco - FoxNews.comYouTube - FBInews - China farmers face 'exploding' watermelon problem.Calcium supplements: risks versus rewards - Page 2 - Boston.comYouTube - Calcium, Heart Attack Linkfreetheanimal.com k2 - Google SearchMan eats 25,000th Big Mac, 39 years after his 1st - USATODAY.comOptimality: A Fool’s Errand? | Free The AnimalOptimality: A Fool’s Errand? | Free The…