68: Debunking Paleo?
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In this week’s show: we welcome Primal Pacs as a new sponsor, enjoy the comedy of John Pinette, debunk the Paleo debunking, dissect the latest meat scare, talk a bit about Paleo on The Dr. Oz Show, meet a girl who eats nothing but ramen noodles, and we consider the idea that diets are not lifestyles. After the Bell, we hear a mainstream view of gluten followed by a far-from-mainstream look at money as explained by Alan Watts. Links for this episode:John Pinette Gluton Free - YouTubeDebunking a Paleo Diet StrawmanLatest Meat Scare: 'Shocking Ignorance'The Paleo Diet on the Dr. Oz ShowMan Cannot Live on Ramen Alone…but One Girl CanYour Diet is NOT a LifestyleGluten - YouTubeWhat if money was no object? - Alan Watts - YouTubeLatest in Paleo Facebook Page => Post Your Health News