71: Aligning Interests
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In this week’s show, we talk about new research that identifies a gut bacteria we all have that can help overweight people and type 2 diabetics. Also, there’s some crazy stuff going on with our food system from rogue GMOs in the wild that aren’t even supposed to exist to an outbreak of hepatitis caused by mixed berries sold at Costco. You’ll hear a review of a cookbook called Gather. After the Bell it’s Charles Eisenstein. Links for this episode:Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie - YouTubeMonsanto's Modified Wheat - The Colbert Report - 2013-05-06 - Video Clip | Comedy CentralHow These Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose WeightWhere's the Meat?! Foods that Pretend. Shut Down the Berry Industry! Raid the Farms!Review: Gather — The Art of Paleo EntertainingSacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film - YouTubeUse Coupon Code ‘PALEO’