86: Grokking
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On this week’s show: Learn cooking science for free; preview of a GMO debate; baby food found to lack nutrients; deconstructing Doritos; athletes sponsoring junk food and buying grassfed beef; the salmonella outbreak; and why walking burns fat. In the Moment of Paleo segment: Waiting is. After the Bell: a mom talks about feeding her baby naturally and Jared Diamond talks about aging in Western civilization versus Hunter-gatherer civilizations. Links for this episode:The Latest in Paleo Community on Facebook - Post a link or just say hi!Now You Can Go To Harvard And Learn Cooking Science From Top Chefs : The Salt : NPRHumans Are Not Broken - Angelo's Blog The Great GMO Labeling Debate - Hartke Is Online!Baby Foods Found To Lack Nutrients: StudyThe Nacho Dorito - Graphic - NYTimes.comAthletes Influencing Kids to Eat 'Junk Food' - VIDEOStar athletes like LeBron, Serena cash in on junk food endorsements - latimes.comWhy Kaman and Sacre bought a cow - Los Angeles Lakers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles? Salmonella…