8: Paleo in a Pill
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It’s time for Latest in Paleo! This week, Angelo’s back home and covering: his Primal trip to SXSW; 12,000 year-old fishing tackle; a peer-reviewed report on the Paleo diet; meat glue (gross!); high-fat diets; eating the whole animal; standing desk Rummy; plus a new Blog of the Week; Moment of Paleo; and After the Bell with Al Pacino. Links for this episode:Video - Gluten Sensitivity - WSJ.com12,000-year-old Fishing TackleWestern Diet & Lifestyle & Diseases of Civilization (Peer Reviewed)High Fat Diets May Not be FatteningWe Share an Ancestor…Doing Paleo Without Liver, Bones, Skin, and Greens?Standing Desks - Upstanding Citizen #4: Donald RumsfeldPerfect Health DietAl Pacino SpeechGreat Paleo Snack - 90% Lindt Chocolate - 7.5g Sugar Per Bar - AmazonSponsored by MailChimp.