56: Who You Gonna Trust?
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This week, we talk about how the media sensationalized a simple study about meat consumption, and some common ways studies are misreported. Keith & Michelle Norris talk about Paleo(fx) 2012. I talk about my own Paleo best practices, and I offer up a Moment of Paleo about trusting yourself. Links for this episode:Comedy: Grains of War - YouTubeAll red meat is bad for you, new study says - Los Angeles TimesWill Eating Red Meat Kill You? | Mark's Daily AppleWill Red Meat Kill Me? - Ask Dr. weilWomen who cut out red meat ‘twice as likely to suffer from depression or anxiety’ | WBHI Think TankRed meat halves risk of depression - TelegraphIs sugar toxic? - 60 Minutes - CBS NewsWhat really causes heart disease? | Video | Fox NewsLatestInPaleo | Facebook »Paleo Podcast »