99: Sugar vs. Fat
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February 10, 2014
On today’s show, we tackle the recent BBC Horizon special called Sugar vs. Fat; also Subway’s bread controversy; there’s reason for concern regarding Vitamin C & E supplements as they relate to endurance training; the latest research on added sugar and heart disease; the government’s sugar guideline board’s ties to the food industry; and heart healthy sugar snacks. Also, we talk about False Dilemmas in the Moment of Paleo and we hear a conversation about Evidence Based Medicine in the After the Bell segment. Links for this episode:NOVA | Iceman Murder Mystery? A Short Message from the "False Advertising Industry" - YouTubeSubway will remove additive found in plastics from its bread after blogger’s online petition - NY Daily NewsVitamin C and E supplements may hinder endurance training - CBS NewsVitamin C, E Negatively Affect Endurance Training : Health & Medicine : Nature World NewsBBC Two - Horizon, 2013-2014, Sugar v Fat? Horizon - 2013-2014 - Sugar v Fat - YouTubeHorizon: Sugar vs. FatExcess sugar…