164: Sweetening the Research
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September 20, 2016
Evelyn Kocur and Meredith Rhodes join me, Angelo Coppola, in the News & Views segment. Stories include: the sugar industry’s influence on research, David Katz on the Paleo Diet, alcohol and exercise, and how daily cannabis use might affect BMI. The Moment of Paleo segment covers trust in the media. After the Bell features Dr. David Agus’ new strategy in the war on cancer. Links for this episode:This Episode's Homepage on Angelo's BlogLatest in Paleo on Facebook - News hunters and gatherers post your links here.Recommended Books & AudiobooksThe Carb-Sane AsylumEvelyn (@CarbSane) | Twitter(1) The Carb-Sane AsylumForward Health Coach |Meredith (@geomert) | TwitterAdventures in Humaning | Free Listening on SoundCloud(1) Adventures In HumaningHow the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat - The New York TimesThe sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to shift heart disease blame away from sugar, and towards fat — QuartzSugar Industry Funded 1960s Harvard Research That Blamed Heart Disease on Fat | State of Health |…